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This is a Miracle.


Three stories in a day.  I gave a session to an 85 year old stroke survivor(stroke occurred 3 weeks ago) last night.  She had 2 paralyzed fingers and a left hand that would not go into a fist.  I did 4 min. unwind and 4 min. quantum ONLY on her palm, after which she could make a fist and hold her cane.  Only mistake- NO VIDEO!  Her family said, This is a miracle!

Next, my son got a very swollen face, (from an infected tooth), his eye almost swelled shut, and swelling continued to his nose and spread to his ear  He started antibiotics on Sunday with not much change.  He was also on oxycodeine for pain.  He used the laser twice yesterday, all the swelling is down and no pain so he went off the oxycodeine.  

Then I treated a cancer survivor last night and today she went to her trainer to work out.  The trainer said, your chest is more opened up than Ive seen it in a year and a half.  Isnt God good!!! ”     JR, St Cloud, Florida


2 thoughts on “This is a Miracle.

  1. Tara Willoughby says:

    JR that is amazing! I live in Mount Dora. Is there any way I can schedule a treatment with you for my ADHD boys? I’m FB friends with Bonnie and you can send me a note there. Thank you! Tara

    1. Jamie Barker says:

      FYI-JR is probably not on Facebook.

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