“In The symphonySymphony of Reflexes: Interventions for Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and Human Development, Bonnie L. Brandes, MEd, provides a thorough discussion of these primitive reflexes and then presents specific movements in her program, “QRI Brain Boost,” designed to help children with learning disabilities and neurological conditions. As the founder of Quantum Reflex Integration, QRI®, the author uses acu-reflex points and cold laser to integrate primitive reflexes. Her programs are used in over thirty countries.

The timing of this book could not be better, because the incidence of autism and other sensory and neurological disorders continues to climb at an alarming rate, a rate that cannot be exclusively explained by better labeling or improved diagnostic techniques. Understanding primitive reflexes and the role they play in neurological and social development is the key to healing this newest generation.

The Symphony of Reflexes is not only a guide for the recovery of the nervous system for those with autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities, but also a guide for human development and maximizing human potential.

Finally, Bonnie brings to life environmental factors, such as stress during pregnancy, diet and nutrition, EM Radiation, and the Brain-Gut relationship, as well as the ever-growing amount of toxic chemicals that are part of our environment. Being aware of the potential causes is a key step in securing a healthier future for ourselves and the next generation of children.

Bonnie has assembled an incredible amount of information and organized it in a helpful and straightforward manual. No matter how we are interacting with our environment, whether we are catching a ball, riding a bike, or holding a paint brush, each of these activities have their roots in The Symphony of Reflexes.” —Dr. Donald Gerken DC, DACCP, CSTD

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“With ADD, ADHD and autism being disorders resulting from non-typical neural development, it makes sense to address the reflexes which are the foundation of neural development. Important, “must have” information for a classroom teacher or a parent with concerns about a child’s success in the classroom. I wish I had this information 18 years ago when my son was first diagnosed with autism at age 3. Investigating reflex integration 10 years ago, there were only expensive and lengthy therapies available. I believe the therapies that we did pursue would have had faster and longer lasting results with integrated reflexes. This book provides information so that parents can guide their children through exercises in their home and get results. I cannot think of a better gift to a child than having a neurological system that is able to perform the way it is supposed to perform. Get it, read it, do it.”