Success Stories

The Pain is Gone!

I think the laser is an amazing thing.  After the surgery on my arm to more the nerve to a different location, so my fingers would stop going numb, I have used the laser on the incision and along the whole arm and muscle.  It is amazing to have the pain completely go away after using the laser.  I will continue to use the laser on my arm as is necessary until full recovery is obtained.  I feel really lucky to have made the purchase when I did. It has also gotten me through two torn ligament in my ankle.  I usually use the Parkinson protocol – 1 unwind, 4 quantum, 1 soothe, 1 cell regeneration.  Where ever I travel the laser is the first thing I pack.  Thanks for your insights and knowledge of the machine.  Thanks for all your support materials you send my way.  You are the person that all should buy their laser from because you care about us and help to improve our lives.  Thanks again.
CN, Utah


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