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Success With Therapy

As promised, I’m sending you this update on my son. You’ll be so happy to know that the therapy has been extremely successful with him and the final piece of bringing everything together for him. I remember initially thinking, we’ll he’s so improved already, how can one possibly improve on the improvement. But that’s exactly what has happened.

He’s calm about 99% of the time about all matters, no matter how “emotional” they may be. Even when he is angry, he keeps himself in check. He’s able to relax easily and process his environment easily. His school grades have drastically improved and he is doing very well with his peers.

The foot that turns in is starting to stay straight. His muscles aren’t so tight anymore either.   I have been so pleased about this therapy and will happily be a cheerleader to anyone who is considering using it.

Overall, I am still in a place of surrealness because I do not recognize the son I now have. He is just a normal, average, typical preteen who lets his assets and qualities shine through. I’m hard pressed to believe this is the same boy that was maniacal, aggressive and turned our lives upside down. Keep up the good work.


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