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Success With QRI Cold Laser for POTS – Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

I want to share the success I have had with QRI cold laser and having POTS! POTS is a form of dysautonomia. When I was 21 years old (24 now) I had 2 severe concussions back to back which led me to developing POTS. It completely changed my life. I was bed bound for at least a month- having people help me to the bathroom. Almost every time I stood up- I passed out.

Finally after a million tests I was diagnosed with POTS. I tried SO many different types of medications- none of them worked until I found one that worked but it was not covered my insurance in the US so I had to order it from Canada. I eventually gave up that I would probably be on this medication for the rest of my life but it was expensive, I wouldn’t be able to have kids while taking it.

Long story short- I graduated from COTA school and began working at a clinic that provides QRI cold laser to our clients. My boss suggested I try it out for myself to see if it would help with POTS. Boy oh boy my body felt so amazing after each session. I felt like a brand new person. Eventually I trialed being off of medications and am not longer on them- for probably a year now. I get sessions done on myself at least once a month now or every 2 weeks for a full protocol. But also spend my down time with the laser on my thymus, ST16 and K1 points.

I am doing protocols on clients every day and feeling the benefits myself just from doing it to others. I also have the iwave I keep with me on days that I feel are harder than others. This has changed my life, the life of my clients and so many others! I truly feel I fell into this place of work for a reason- to help myself and to help others!

-Callie E.