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Success Story: Quantum Reflex Integration with Physical Therapy

I  am a physical therapist using Quantum Reflex Integration and I am delighted with the possibilities that the treatment with the QRI program has given with my adult population. I have used it with success on facial tics, increasing salivary secretions for dry mouth, reduction in nerve irritation from shoulder injuries and sciatic, I have had marked improvement of an MS patient that lasted for 2 days after treatment (I will be following further treatment response), reduction in congestion due to allergies, reduction of hand familial tremor with use, reduction in muscle guarding due to a reflex. I use Quantum Reflex Integration to enhance my treatments and have had wonderful results. This is just the list from the last 2 weeks.  I want to thank you again for the class and I appreciate the opportunity to have been part of it.”

                       M.C., PT, DMT Texas

Quantum Reflex Integration with Physical TherapyQRI program for adults

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