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Success Story: Quantum Reflex Integration After Several Strokes

After suffering several strokes, I was left with many deficits. I was fortunate to receive  Quantum Reflex Integration sessions to help gain back my independence and basic functions. My sessions included the QRI  reflex integration program, the QRI Harmonic Helmet, Moro magnets, TALK, THINK, MOVE protocols and the Cranial Nerves/Brain Balance program. I received several intense sessions that improved my dementia, movement, fine and gross motor skills, my sight improved which allowed me to read again, digestion improved, severe constant headaches relieved, and gave me hope for the future which reduced my depression.

The Move program helped me gain better mobility. As an 83 year old woman, my muscles were tight and my mobility was limited. I had difficulty stopping when walking. After a QRI session, then followed by the MOVE program, I was able to bend down and almost touch my toes. My beginning range was just at my knees. My joints felt looser and I was able to walk and move with less tension and stop without hitting a wall. I also noticed that I felt calmer and was more at peace. The Quantum Reflex Integration Harmonic Laser and QRI program has truly improved the quality of my life after several strokes. I’m grateful for all the changes I’ve experienced that I never dreamed I would.

B. Pratt

Success Story: Quantum Reflex Integration After a Stroke strokes, dementia and movement

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