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She Loves Her Laser! (NKH)

So I've had my laser for about 2 weeks now and I guess it's time to post a progress report to anyone new or thinking of trying it. Forgive me if it's long winded but my daughter has a very rare condition, NKH and has a lot of weird and crazy aspects to her health and behaviours as a result of it. Lycine encephalopathy, also called non ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH) but everyone mixes it up with non ketotic hypoglycemia which is basically diabetes. NKH is a terminal metabolic disorder where you can't break down the amino acid glycine. There are about 500 to 1000 surviving cases worldwide but almost all are under 5. Me and Dorrie are incredibly lucky to have less affected kids with NKH but they are still very delayed, physically and mentally disabled, lots of medical issues and huge behavioral challenges. Alice is 5 and although mentally about age 3, things like her fine and gross motor skill are probably even further behind. She can walk around [...]

QRI, Now He’s a Total Chatterbox!

QRI Update: October 18, 2016 QRI, Now He's A Total Chatterbox! Okay so it's hard to explain some of this stuff because it's about just "knowing" my son. But this morning he woke up a TOTAL chatterbox. I mean, he's always been verbal (albeit often near-impossible to understand). But this morning was much different. I opened the front door to get the newspaper, and he was so observant, "Mom, look! A spider! Mom! Look! The MOON!" (which was still nearly full land so big in our morning sky even as the sun was coming up. His speech was just subtly clearer and his sentences more formed. "Mom, where's dad?" instead of just "Dad?" and when I was telling him to come sit-down to eat, he got angry and said, "Mom, stop it! I have to go potty!" and then proceeded to do so including closing the lid, flushing and washing hands which I usually have to remind him to do verbally - if not help him with (in his less complaint moments). When [...]

Long But Worth the Read!

9/21/16 Long but worth the read! We've been desperately trying to help our 8 year old with Down syndrome and Ehlers Danlos syndrome (faulty collagen) with her declining gross motor skills over the past couple of years. When she was younger she could run around for 45 minutes at a time no problem. Last week I found a medical document from 2 years ago that said she was *only* able to walk up to 10 minutes without needing a break and I cried because most recently (past 1.5 years) we were down to 1-2 minutes MAX that she could walk without grabbing her legs in pain, asking to be picked up, or kissing her legs saying she had boo boos. We've been to SO many specialists, doctors, physical therapy and nobody has been able to help. She had tethered cord release surgery and a spinal fluid leak about 1.5 years ago and things continued to go downhill from there. She was fitted for a wheelchair last winter and we [...]

Oliver Can Walk Now!!

June 5, 2016 I got my cold laser today and was able to do the whole program minus 2 to Oliver while he took his nap! Excited! He slept for 2 hours which is unusual for him. I wonder if the laser calmed him. I did have the CMT on low so there was a little noise. Update: June 20, 2016 Uhhhhhh.... I feel like I'm hallucinating or making this up but... OLIVER CAN WALK NOW!!! 4 days with the cold laser! He actually took two steps 2 days ago, but it was too shocking for my brain to process, but it's for real!!! He'll be 3 years old next month. I did an hour session every day for 4 days (now 5, I just did another one) I'm slow so I did 9-12 points a day plus the opening and closing sequences. All while he was asleep except day 1 did do it when he was awake and one day I did a couple more while he was awake after I [...]

Abi, Nothing Short of Miraculous Progress!!

July 14, 2016 I'm one of the first 10 folks to get a Harmonic laser on this FB board, but really didn't use it regularly on my girl till last Monday....Now...... 1) Abi did not cry even though there was loud clapping between acts at her school talent show today (she usually gets startled at sudden loud noises) 2) For the first time ever..., she actually finished a routine with one of the therapists sitting by the door of her school (we walk past this therapist sitting in the same spot almost every day, and I've seen them do this routine a million times but first time Abi finished the sentence) 😳😂👏👍🏻😱 3) As I lasered her while she watched "Tangled" the Disney movie after school today, she sang out loud all the words to the opening song "When will my Life begin" 4) When engineer hubby got home, I asked him "What changes have u noticed in Abi since I started lasering her? His response was "quicker cognitive response, [...]

Isla’s Impressive Progress after 3 Days!

I just want to share our experience with the laser on my soon to be 4 year old little girl. It's pretty impressive as we are very new to it. I have been running the CMT every chance I get and all night and in 3 days have completed all reflexes and T21 protocol 2x. Here's what we have noticed: 1. Way, way more expressed emotions! Giggling, making funny noises. Happy, happy, happy (and people are noticing "wow Isla you are in such a good mood"). On the other end some very frustrated emotions. For example I put her snack in the wrong bowl and full on tears, on the floor meltdown. She has never done this and both my other kids did so I am fully embracing this "typical stage". Also insisting on wearing certain clothes, bringing toys in the car etc. 2. Speech! More words and putting together some little phrases. 3. More thumb sucking. Sigh   4. More energy, Isla doesn't love going for walks, brachiation etc [...]

Kaleb and Auditory Processing Disorder

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

"When my grandson, Kaleb was tested for an auditory processing disorder, we found he his scores were unusually low. So we started Reflex Integration with Bonnie Brandes. Kaleb first got all the sounds of the letters. [...]

Success With Therapy

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

"As promised, I'm sending you this update on my son. You'll be so happy to know that the therapy has been extremely successful with him and the final piece of bringing everything together for him. I remember [...]

Parkinsons Disease

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

"Glowing seems to be working. Yesterday I forgot to take my morning pills just ran downstairs and started working. I didn't remember to take them until 4 pm eight hours late.  I wasn't shaking, didn't [...]

This is a Miracle.

May 9th, 2017|2 Comments

Bonnie, Three stories in a day.  I gave a session to an 85 year old stroke survivor(stroke occurred 3 weeks ago) last night.  She had 2 paralyzed fingers and a left hand that would not [...]

The Pain is Gone!

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

I think the laser is an amazing thing.  After the surgery on my arm to more the nerve to a different location, so my fingers would stop going numb, I have used the laser on the [...]

Annie’s Abilities Increase!

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Annie, age 6-1/2 years, received three Quantum Reflex Integration sessions during a three month period.  The sessions included using the  QRI laser acu-points, and QRI laser reflex integration techniques for active primary reflexes.Annie's mother stimulates [...]

Relief from Parkinson’s

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

"I have more unscientific information to report to you. For years I have had difficulty riding as a passenger in the front of a car - I am a terrible back seat driver, I startle [...]

Success for Gia

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

We purchased our laser from Bonnie Brandes and began using her Reflex Integration protocol on our daughter, Gia, over six months ago. Both the laser and the protocol have been instrumental in aiding our daughter [...]

Our Daughter Sings!

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

"We started the first QRI Level II reflex yesterday, and today our daughter belted out the last notes of "I Could Have Danced All Night" so that her music therapist/accompianist was smiling from ear to [...]

Mary and Mason Gain Hope

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

"My name is Mary , and I have a little boy, Mason, who will be 4 in October. A lack of oxygen at birth caused brain injury in Mason, and we have tried lots of [...]

Judie’s Success Story

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Last week a 9 year old girl presented without being able to crawl on her belly. She attempted to crawl on her belly, but came toward me using her fists and dragging her straightened legs. [...]

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