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(My brother) 19 year old boy from Europe has been struggling and misunderstood his whole life. Growing up, other parents have said that he played fine with my child and for no apparent reason he would get really mad and angry and want to leave. He also struggled in school. He couldn’t focus. He came home and try to do homework but just could not do it. He would sit in his room and pretend he was doing it.
As he got into high school his handwriting was still looking like a 6th graders and writing papers was really hard. He would sit in class and hear what was said but, had a hard time remembering it. He would try to write à paper when he came home but the thoughts disappeared in his head before they could form à sentence. Or they would form à sentence and before he could write it down it was lost. I would sit with him through the evenings and nights and help him ith homework. He would be so frustrated that he would have panic attacks. In the middle of trying to build à sentence he would have to lay down on The floor and breath. À two page paper could take 5 hours- and thats with à LOT of help. He always felt stressed, had tense neck and shoulders. Often had headaches and had sleeping problems.
His body felt so tense and stressed that he often said that it felt like his skin was crawling. He felt like à bomb. He could also often act like à bomb. For small hings he could blow up. He could scream, hit, yell, hit his head against the wall, bash his hand threw à glass window, hit his fist on the table until it broke, bang chairs against the floor until they where firewood. He could be trying to do dishes but get overloaded and stressed over it and throw à knife instead. He wanted to do so much but he couldn’t focus on anything. Things piled up and it was à bad, bad circle. He was failing most classes in high
school. Had broken more things than he could pay for, and had ticked off most people around him because of his outbursts. He was restless had anger issues and major concentration problems. ADHD? Anger problem or much more? Well I can say one thing. He had reflex problems.
How do I know that? Because we tried Bonnie Brandes QRI, reflex integration program. After à few sessions the same 19 year old man has now: completed high school, and à class in college (all by himself) now has his drivers license and is able to work full time in à grocery store with lots to remember and à lot of stress. He has been given à life. Thank you Bonnie!
Posted By: LG, Sweden

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