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Success for Gia

We purchased our laser from Bonnie Brandes and began using her Reflex Integration protocol on our daughter, Gia, over six months ago. Both the laser and the protocol have been instrumental in aiding our daughter in her continued progress to overcome numerous developmental issues that she has had since birth. We noticed immediate changes in her speech, sleep, sensory, and fine-motor coordination throughout her body. These changes have remained and continue to improve. During this same time period, Bonnie’s expertise and graciousness has been a God-Send in helping us to implement new protocols when developmental plateaus occurred. She is always available and willing to help with questions and concerns if they arise.
Bonnie’s extensive background, high level of integrity, and sensitive commitment is a tremendous advantage to anyone who seeks the use of the laser and her program on behalf of themselves or their children.”
Posted By: Antonino Incorvaia, B.A.,D.C. Jennifer Incorvaia,

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