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How QRI Using Cold Laser Differ from Other Reflex Integration Programs?

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 Bonnie Brandes

Quantum Reflex Integration combines the best of four worlds: cold laser therapy, reflex integration, Rife frequencies, and Chinese acupuncture points. Cold laser working at a cellular level, reflex integration for creating harmony and communication in the nervous system, Rife frequencies for health and healing, and acupuncture points that stimulate the whole body. That being said, adding the QRI points not only integrates primitive reflexes, but give an all-over body balance. As we can see in some of the latest research, many other conditions are also addressed using cold laser/low level laser and adding Rife frequencies increases the results.

Cold laser has been used in over 8,000 studies without any negative side effects noted. It has been used in Asia and Europe for over 50 years. Cold laser works at a cellular level and increases ATP within the cell. See http://spie.org/newsroom/1669-low-level-laser-therapy-an-emerging-clinical-paradigm. Diseased and damaged nerve cells can actually be regenerated and repaired. So it is not surprising that children may see neurological changes both forward and what appears to be backward, while using the program. During the Moro integration, brain reorganization can also occur. This happens for neurotypical children around age two, but many of our children with a challenge missed this important developmental stage often called the “terrible twos.”

Reflex integration using cold laser differs from other reflex integration programs in many ways. Unlike other reflex integration methods, we do not focus on 1-2 reflexes at a time. Each session a number of reflexes are addressed in a specific order. The time spent for reflex integration sessions are typically reduced as the light and frequencies work at a cellular level and results noted faster.

While using QRI points and patterns with cold laser, the child relaxes (most children love and request cold laser). “My daughter looked at the laser on the counter this morning and said, “The laser helps you. Laser is my favorite!”    I could cry, seriously, because up until QRI we tried so hard to help her pain and all the “experts” agreed that aqua therapy and meds were our best choice….she complained about pain after half of her aqua therapy sessions but tried her hardest because we asked her to, and the meds hurt her tummy more than they helped her pain. When your child tells you something is working after years of feeling like a failure….well there’s no better way to start your day, that’s for sure!!!!! She KNOWS and FEELS how it is helping her!!!!!”  The parent or practitioner simply places the laser in various areas on the body even when the child is sleeping.  The client’s body does not have to be moved during a session into reflex patterns.

QRI has spread to over 40 countries in the past 6 years to help both children and adults with numerous conditions. One of the newest populations we are working with is those with T21 or Down syndrome, take a moment to read some of the success stories. Primitive reflexes are involved in any condition related to the nervous system and every mental, physical, and psychological task we are able to accomplish. Literally everything that makes us who we are and allows to reach our full potential depend on the neurological connections created by primitive reflexes that are working in harmony.

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