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QRI Success Story

“Colette appears to have more sensation in her feet – she is very, very ticklish, whereas in the past we would could tickle her with very little reaction whatsoever. She has starting kicking as if to swim when she is in the hot tub. She appears to have improved strength in her arms.
Her endurance/strength in tall kneeling has increased remarkably! Before the QRI she would only be able to do about 5-10 seconds at a time of holding her self up in tall kneeling. In the last two weeks, that has improved amazingly. Yesterday she did a total of 10-14 minutes (I didn’t keep an exact count), with lots and lots of breaks in between. She is rotating her hips a lot. She was lying down on the massage table that I use to do the exercises and she was actually gyrating her hips.
Her PT said on Monday she did the best job ever at attempting at crawling, initiated moving her arms all on her own. She is able to sit up from a semi-reclined position in her stroller all on her own and one day, while we were travelling, she stayed in that position all day. She actually asks to do the protocol. She calls it “exercise” or “laser”. She tolerates the entire protocol (which takes me about 30 minutes, twice a day), with no fussing.
Posted By: MC, AZ

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