QRI Reflex Integration Certification

QRI Reflex Integration Certification

QRI Level 1 Certification Requirements

  1. One must attend Quantum Reflex Integration, Level I, two or more times (at least one time in person and one time can be the online class after answering a questionnaire).
  2. Pass the QRI Multiple Choice Exam (timed, open book).
  3. Pass the Primitive Reflex Integration Assessment with Bonnie.
  4. One must be able to complete 5 random QRI protocols as requested.
  5. Complete and write up 3 case studies on the QRI Case Study forms, 8 sessions over 4-6 weeks only AFTER first attending the certification class to pass the reflex assessment evaluation. QRI must be the ONLY modality used during these sessions! Your clients must be NEW clients that are new to QRI.
  6. Candidates must have been using the program consistently for 3 months for a therapist/specialist or 6 months for a parent prior to the certification class exams.
  7. One must have background knowledge and experience in another holistic therapy such as: Chiropractic, OT, PT, SLP, education, Brain Gym, MNRI, Rhythmic Movement, kinesiology, massage therapy, Holistic Health Practitioner, a parent with child who has a neurological condition will be considered on case to case basis, and as will other related fields).
  8. To maintain certification one must attend QRI continuing education classes (to be announced).


  1. STUDY YOUR MANUAL- tab your manual for each reflex and highlight key factors.
  2. Take the online class.
  3. Practice and study assessment checks on different subjects.
  4. Review previous class notes.
  5. Pay attention in the class and take good notes.
  6. Relax and enjoy the process.

BENEFITS of Certification

  • Being certified tells others that you have met the requirements and demonstrated competence in the QRI program.
  • It allows you to be eligible to complete the final “Quantum Reflex Integration” process (coming in 2018).
  • Certification gives you an advantage when prospective clients are choosing a specialist.
  • Qualifies you for referrals from QRI in your area.

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