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QRI, Now He’s a Total Chatterbox!

QRI Update: 
October 18, 2016

QRI, Now He’s A Total Chatterbox! Okay so it’s hard to explain some of this stuff because it’s about just “knowing” my son. But this morning he woke up a TOTAL chatterbox. I mean, he’s always been verbal (albeit often near-impossible to understand). But this morning was much different. I opened the front door to get the newspaper, and he was so observant, “Mom, look! A spider! Mom! Look! The MOON!” (which was still nearly full land so big in our morning sky even as the sun was coming up. His speech was just subtly clearer and his sentences more formed. “Mom, where’s dad?” instead of just “Dad?” and when I was telling him to come sit-down to eat, he got angry and said, “Mom, stop it! I have to go potty!” and then proceeded to do so including closing the lid, flushing and washing hands which I usually have to remind him to do verbally – if not help him with (in his less complaint moments). When his dad woke up, “Dad! There you are!” and when he was driving me nuts, I said, “Go sit on the floor and work on your puzzle please.” He stomped to his puzzle and said, “No, I’m cleaning up!” and he put the puzzle away and just looked at me as if challenging me to defy him. (that’s pretty normal actually LOL). But the LANGUAGE instead of just using his body to pitch a fit!” His father was trying to feed him his applesauce w supplements and instead of just pushing the spoon away or slinking away from his chair, he said, “No dad. Stop it. I want mommy.” When doing his reading homework, he was NOTICING when he was turning more than one page at a time and he corrected himself. For the first time ever, I left him alone to do his reading book at the table and he did the entire book A-Z on his own (generally I have had to be right next to him to keep him attending). There’s just something profoundly more integrated – overall- about him.

Hands Grasping makes me bonkers. BUT this will keep me motivated. LOOK at how he’s holding his fork.

I want to add that the one thing I’m bringing to these sessions now that I had not been bringing to anything that I’ve done with Alex for many years is this: I pray to his angels and to other beings who I know support us and I say, “I cannot do this alone. I can hold the laser. I can breathe. But I need you. Alex needs you. I’m showing up and doing my part, now you do what you will” and various forms of that prayer. I am not a religious person but a very spiritual one and looking more demandingly to Alex’s angels and others to take the reins (which means, I have to let them go) has been huge in our day-to-day since I have come back from my two week “Escape” from life a month ago. Just wanted to offer that because I know I’m not the only mom here who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders sometimes. And lately, being on my knees asking for help has been a huge pathway to breakthroughs that are profound although difficult to articulate. I realize that Alex’s birth put me on a major crisis of faith journey. And it seems also, that he is demanding that I resolve and restore much of what had to fall apart in order to be rebuilt.

2 thoughts on “QRI, Now He’s a Total Chatterbox!

  1. Angela Lipschutz says:

    I’m the grandmother of our 6 1/2 year old boy. I can feel your struggle and exhaustion, but it sounds like you’ve done a great job handling the situation.
    I am wondering how your child is doing now after 4-5 years that you wrote this.
    My daughter is exhausted and I am too, as I am helping her navigate how to help him.
    He has sensory processing problems, and we’ve been told that he has bilateral coordination problems, problems crossing the midline of the brain and timing coordination.
    Hope you and your son are doing well.

    1. Jamie Barker says:

      Hello Angela! Please join QRI Cold Laser Support Group for your answer. There are lots of updates and testimonials and follow ups. QRI is a great tool especially for tired parents and grandparents as it helps rejuvenate your body also. Best wishes with your grandson and I hope some day you will have an amazing QRI update. Jamie

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