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How QRI Differs From Other Reflex Integration Programs

Primitive reflexlaying-on-table integration using cold laser differs from other reflex integration programs in many ways.  QRI sessions are shorter, children often ask for the laser, and lie quietly during a session. The laser is placed on a series of points and patterns. For young active children, sessions can be given while the child sleeps. Unlike other reflex integration methods, we do not focus on 1-2 reflexes at a time. We follow a specific order which eliminates the need for primitive reflex assessments.

QRI acu-point and acu-point patterns are easy to follow and offered in an online class, in-person classes, and a comprehensive manual. These points are used in combination with cold laser. The QRI Home program is followed by parents in over 40 countries.

Cold Laser has been used in over 8,000 studies without any negative side effects noted. It has been used in Asia and Europe for over 50 years. That being said, adding the QRI points not only integrates primitive reflexes, but give an all-over body balance. Noticeable improvements in behavior, cognition, and movement are seen, sometimes within a few sessions, along with progress seen in reflex integration assessments.

Playing the CMT sound system independently can actually integrate the Moro, improve behavior, and health. As we can see in scientific research, many medical conditions are also addressed using cold laser/low level laser.  Cold laser works at a cellular level and increases ATP within the cell. An investment in the QRI Harmonic cold laser benefits the whole family. 

Diseased and damaged nerve cells can actually be regenerated and repaired by cold laser to develop and regain communication.  So it is not surprising that children may see neurological changes both forward and what appears to be backward, called Moro reorganization as primitive reflexes integrate.

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-Bonnie Brandes

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