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Promoting Integration and Healing: The First QRI Comprehensive Therapy Session of 2024

The QRI Brain Boost center held the first QRI Comprehensive Therapy Session of 2024 on February 17-19th 

Congratulations Will on your 15th QRI Comprehensive!

The three day Comprehensive Therapy Session (with optional 4th day), developed by Bonnie Brandes M.ED., offered a mixture of applications and activities focused on reflex integration and healing. Attendees traveled from France, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Florida, with ages ranging from seven to adult. All were returning participants, including Will Verro, who joined us for the 15th time – and has accomplished so much! Watch Will’s celebration video on our Facebook page.

The atmosphere was one of care and support, fostering an environment conducive to integration and therapeutic restoration. Participants received one-on-one reflex evaluations and therapies using the QRI Vital Life Pro, Harmonic Helmet, Frequency Bed and Tesla Room.

One particular attendee, who had a remarkable response to the Comprehensive Session (he opted for the additional, 4th day), is Valentin who traveled from France. At the beginning of Day 1, Vaentin’s posture was neck bent, head down and feet were curled. By end of Day 4, posture was straight with flat feet. Valentin is already planning to return in March for another 4 days!

Beginning of the Day 1, Vaentin’s posture: neck bent, head down and feet curled. By end of Day 4: posture straight with flat feet.

Kaiden from Southern CA using his favorite machine.

Kaiden from Southern CA using his favorite machine.

The impact of the Comprehensive Therapy Session extends beyond the event itself. Attendees leave the Brain Boost Center with a Customized Home Program and are equipped with the inspiration, tools, and knowledge needed to continue their wellness journey. Connections with fellow participants are formed, creating support networks that extend beyond the weekend session. 

Looking ahead, it is our hope that future QRI Comprehensive Sessions will continue to bring healing, wellness, and unity to ever-widening circles of adults and children. We truly believe there exists a boundless reservoir of healing energy waiting to be tapped into, connecting us all in a shared journey towards integration and wellness.

There are still two more QRI Comprehensive Sessions upcoming this year. March and June. Register now to reserve your spot.