The “Unity” LED/magnet protocol is NEW! Unity was developed as a gentle introduction to energy work for those more sensitive, such as some children with T21 or those that have an unexpected reaction to energy and sometimes even other therapies.  If you are that parent, you probably understand what I mean. We have found that it is calming, grounding, and increases happiness.  The “Sea Star” protocol used in Unity also helps with focus and proprioception, (perceiving movement and spatial orientation).

The Magnets:

The magnets are infused with frequencies for T21, Prep frequencies, and goes through our other wonderful QRI frequency process. Unlike our other magnets, the Unity magnets have only one—crystal, rose quartz.

Rose Quartz is a stone of “change” for both health and relationships. It also represents unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love, including love of self, love of family, love of friends, and romantic love.

The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions. Rose Quartz adds loving energy to relationships, bringing calm and peace. The comforting and soothing energy of Rose Quartz can also help heal a broken heart, allowing release of pent-up emotions and grief. Rose Quartz also helps release unexpressed feelings about others.

Physically, Rose Quartz is reported to heal ailments of the thymus, heart, and lungs. Rose Quartz is also known to help heal breast cancer and is an excellent support stone for most other types of cancer as well. Rose Quartz helps bring about a more youthful complexion; aides in circulatory, heart, adrenal gland, spleen and kidney ailments; alleviates vertigo, asthma and varicose veins.

In the past, I have used rose quartz for emotional releases when held above the heart. The magnets are placed on ST16 with the North facing up on right side, just above the heart.

The LED:

The LED is blue, which in color therapy is thought to cool down inflammations (even arthritis, feels great placed on my knees), fever, and high blood pressure, stop bleeding, and help headaches, calm strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria. Often brings tranquility, helps itching and irritation (for instance redness of the skin), anti-stress, and soothes suffering.

Blue balances the throat chakra and can be used for any type of ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat. Excellent for laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx.

The Protocol:

The protocol comes from a QRI technique used also for movement that unites or helps the body feel connections between the brain and the body in QRI called the “Sea Star.” It represents an archetype from development that Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen stated that it is the second basic neurological pattern within the developmental sequence, naming it the navel radiation. Brain Gym also has a similar technique called Naval Radiation, but goes directly on the body, not around it as does the QRI Sea Star.

When to Use it:

This protocol is best used at the beginning of a reflex integration session, after a session, or individually. It can be a nice way to prepare for energy work and QRI sessions. A week of Unity and the QRI Prep points can be used prior to reflex integration.