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The Symphony of Reflexes is not only a guide for the recovery of the nervous system for those with autism, ADD, ADHD, but also a guide for human development and maximizing human potential….The protocols presented in section three for the home programs are easy to follow and fun for kids…Using these protocols and incorporating her work with a quantum wave laser can awaken, support and repair the neurological pathways that have yet to be developed.

Section four includes questionnaires for recognizing some of the characteristics associated with each primitive reflex.  These questions can be used for both identifying which reflexes need to be addressed and to monitor a child’s progress.”

— Dr.  Donald Gerken DC, DACCP, CSTD

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TESTIMONIAL: By Allegra Marie Ortiz

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The Symphony Of Reflexes so clearly explains the reflexes that are critical for growth and development. Not only are the early stages defined, but the implications of a reflex that is not integrated are described, and then she teaches you how to address each specific reflex. This book is a great way to educate yourself on the reflexes and the importance of their integration, especially for children with special needs. Ordered one copy for myself, and halfway through the book we ordered 3 more for the special needs school where I work, as a training opportunity for all of our clinicians. Thank you for this important information Bonnie, and for writing it in such an eloquent way!

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