These are advanced protocols for those who have the QRI laser and QRI program.

The T21 Protocols offer a more gentle integration experience for those who have Down syndrome. For use for the first two or three months of RI sessions.

Basal Ganglia: (For everyone, not just those who have DS.)
????Q: What is the BG/triple warmer?
A: The basal ganglia is a brain balance protocol that can benefit anyone. The basal ganglia is all about conquering fear and gaining control. It combines feelings with movements and helps one control unwanted movements.

The triple warmer is used in the second half of the basal ganglia protocol in the Advanced class, Brain Balance. A sedated triple warmer prevents one from moving forward or can take them back to old patterns.

????Q: How long does it take?
A: The BG/triple warmer takes about 3-5 minutes. It is a series of 30 /60 second holds.
????Q: Can I do it while my child sleeps?
A: You can try, although it’s best/most ideal to have access to both sides of the head so most do it while their child is sitting up.
????Q: When can I do this?
A: Anytime. It is a brain balance protocol, so can be done at the end of a reflex session (ie where you have stopped reflexes that night) or by itself. Many parents find it is easy to do when the child is eating breakfast before school.

If you have not yet purchased the program and laser, this will not benefit you.

The T21 Protocol consists of four changes to the reflex protocols included in the regular RI program that work either before/after or in place of: FPR, Babkin, Frontal Release, and STNR.

Q: My child doesn’t have Down syndrome, can I still use the T21 protocol?
A: The reflexes that are tweaked are ONLY for children with DS, however, everyone can utilize the BG, so if you do not have the advanced courses yet, this is a possible option to start.
????The protocols listed above are not done like other add ons. T21 is not a stand alone protocol. (Meaning you do not do FPR, then Babkin, etc.) They are done in place of/before/after you get to that reflex. You then continue through other reflexes as shown in the manual/online class.
????Q: Do I always use the T21 protocols for my child?
A: No, after 30-60 days for the replacement parts mentioned above, you can move on to the protocols for those reflexes in the manual.
????Helpful hints:
If you are using your manual, put notes on the pages that are altered so you can remember to do the T21 parts first.

If you have photocopied /shrunk down your pages into a smaller binder, you can slip the T21 protocols into the spots they belong.