Quantum Reflex Integration
May 17- 19, 2019
San Diego, CA
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

2525 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 160
San Diego, CA 92108

Join us in San Diego, California to get integrated and to learn Quantum Reflex Integration using cold laser.

QRI is a program developed to integrate primitive reflexes in a quick and efficient manner. The program uses cutting edge techniques with cold laser, sound harmonics and acu-reflex points to rejuvenate the nervous system.

This course is important for parents, therapists, educators, chiropractors and health care professionals, along with those who want to feel more grounded, positive and at ease. Learn:

– how reflexes impact development and daily lives
– how to use the QRI Harmonic with the cold laser and sound therapy
– how to do the 20 QRI program protocols

QRI is effective in reducing challenges related to:

– autism
– behavior
– brain injuries
– cerebral palsy
– dementia
– Down syndrome/T21
– learning disabilities
– mental health
– mobility
– pain and healing
– speech
– strokes
…and much more

Primitive reflexes help improve quality life and to assist in meeting one’s full potential.

“…This [training] was not only educational for me, but rejuvenating in ways more profound than expected. I think I am still resonating from the experience of those three days and the treatments that I received as part of the training.”
– J.C., Idaho

You do not have to own a laser to attend.

If you have already purchased a laser and the program, you are considered a repeat and the class is reduced to $350.

To register, simply sign up and pay online.

Contact Jamie at 352-388-3696 or with any questions.