The cutting edge, Quantum Reflex Integration  Program, is changing the way therapists and parents address retained primitive reflexes. Primitive reflexes determine our abilities in thought, movement, and social skills. These powerful neurological connections allow us to develop and reach our potential. QRI brings together specific acu-reflex points and patterns linked to these reflexes, paired with sound and light, which often literally repair the neurological connection associated with each reflex. The QRI Program presents techniques and protocols to integrate 20 primitive reflexes using cold laser therapy.

The Quantum Reflex Integration Program gives simple to follow diagrams and pictures for each protocol explaining the placement and order for the program. A comprehensive manual clearly explains the role each reflex plays for survival and development. Prep points are given to relax the neurological system and prepare the brain and body for reflex integration. The primitive, lifelong, and postural reflexes addressed include some commonly addressed reflexes and a few less recognized. The new transitional points increase communication between brain and body.

The program includes protocols for the following reflexes: Moro, Fear Paralysis, spinal Galant, the crossed extensor reflex, Spinal Perez, Babinski, asymmetrical tonic neck, Bauer crawling, Babkin, frontal release reflexes (snout, glabellar, rooting and sucking) the stepping reflex, hands pulling, the parachute reflex, Landau, symmetrical tonic neck reflex, tonic labyrinthine reflex, and head righting.

Quantum Reflex Integration Program is used with the QRI Harmonic Laser sound and light system. This manual is included free with laser purchases.


Leanna Rae, MSSW, CPLC, TBIT Ft Worth, Tx:

I have been working with a client who has been thru a difficult court case. She came in for a session and was emotional, sweating and unable to put her thoughts together. The next day she emailed and said : I left your office feeling like I could breathe again. I slept so well that night, and the anxiety and sweating I was experiencing has stopped. Thank you, I am feeling like myself again.

My own testimony: I had been working with Ethan (age 5) for 2 years on knowing his colors. He just could not retain the colors he was trying to learn. I had integrated his reflexes, and one day I just decided to play the sound frequency throughout the day. The very next day he went up to his dad and knew EVERY color that was in his shirt. He was so happy. He has retained his colors ever since!