FAQ with Bonnie Brandes

Q: What are the benefits of the mini facial laser?

A. Pain, healing, anti-aging, gland and chakra balance, and releasing muscle tension.

The facial laser is for giving facials to noticeably reduce wrinkles, etc.

Q: Does this facial Laser use frequencies? And if we are using our regular Laser would you recommend a frequency?

A. The facial laser just has the CMT frequencies. For the other laser you could some. I like, once again, 333Hz

Q: If you were going to try to treat acne, would you try with the QRI or the mini facial laser?

A: I would use both. You could use one on each side, then alternate them.

For wrinkles, a mini face lift: Hold the skin up with the fingers of one hand and hold the laser over that area just below your hand or you can also hold the skin up with the laser. Keep it there for about 10 minutes and compare. The best place is just in front of the ear. You can also hold the laser on areas of wrinkles and leave for a bit.


Emma Byrne Rooney I don’t have acne and I’m not a teenager, but when I’ve used it on my face, it’s much clearer and smoother and less lines! I use tea tree oil mixed with witch hazel and then laser and it’s been great!