The Move and Sensory Integration program consists of a protocol, LED MOVE/ SI head and MOVE/SI magnets. The Move and Sensory Integration program requires the Quantum Reflex Harmonic Laser to complete the program. The program takes about 15 minutes to complete and is easy to follow. It can be done after QRI sessions or at a different time. It is helpful for sensory integration, loosening spastic muscles, increasing mobility, sports/muscle injuries, improvement in sports performance, and for relieving stress and relaxation.


B. Pratt, Utah:

The Move program helped me gain better mobility. As an 83-year-old woman, my muscles were tight, and my mobility was limited. After my QRI session, followed by the Move program, I was able to bend down and almost touch my toes. My beginning range was just at my knees. My joints felt looser, and I was able to walk and move with less tension. I could stand up without it being a major effort. I also noticed that I felt calmer and was at peace. The laser and QRI program has truly improved the quality of my life after 2 strokes. I’m grateful for all the changes I’ve experienced that I never dreamed I would.