The ASD program comes with an LED attachment, protocol, oil, timer and a crystal. It is used with the QRI Harmonic Laser. This program benefits everyone but is especially beneficial for children on the autism spectrum and those who have behavioral disorders. Many have noticed an improvement in speech while using this program. This program isn’t just for ASD, everyone can benefit from this program along with integrating their reflexes.

The ASD program connects to the QRI Harmonic Laser. It takes under 30 minutes to run the program. Best results are seen when used with the Quantum Reflex Integration Home Program. It can be done after a reflex session or at another time.



I love the magic in the ASD LED program. We just started that protocol in our center,and I cannot believe the change in the three children we have used it on. Instantly calms these wiggle-worms and turns them into jello! I used the ASD protocol on a client one time and his mom said she noticed the next day that he was a completely changed child in the morning and got ready to go to school and wasn’t miserable and crying about not wanting to go. She had no idea we changed anything–it was at a meeting last week that we learned that within 24 hours of doing the ASD protocol, his whole attitude changed–and has remained that way ever since. This same child had food aversions and was severely scratching his brother when something went wrong (even if his bro did nothing) and it has completely stopped. He is less impulsive and home life is so much better!