THINK includes an LED attachment, magnets, protocol and a timer. This program is used with the QRI Harmonic Laser. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. It can be used after a QRI session or at another time. It can be repeated several times per session if needed. This program is great after you have been using the QRI program for a while to help you advance when you hit a plateau. The QRI LED program helps with higher order thinking, organization, calming and clearing fogginess from the brain. Therapists have noted that is best when used after the ASD program or in conjunction with the Talk program.


Dani Viscomi Verro
Talking and Thinking: one of the things we wanted most out of QRI is the ability to think and relay what he knew. We have made continuous progress but some days it just hits you in the face how much progress he has made. Will woke up this morning. I went in to get him (he sleeps with no light so he couldn’t see me at all. I shower in the morning before he wakes sometimes and since he was a baby, he has hated my hair wet.)

Me: “good morning. Are you getting up?”

Will “is your hair wet?”

Me: no. (So, he climbs into my arms)

We come downstairs and he notices the tree is unplugged. “Mommy I said don’t do that. I like the lights on!” (Sorry)

He then goes over to the window to check for neighbors Christmas lights and notices frost all over the ground.

“Is that snow?”

Me: Sort of. Its icy.

Will: We need boots today. Is it a school day?

(I say yes) hooray! I’m so excited!”

It’s the day before vacation and they are doing special crafts so I ask if I can come to school too and make snowmen with his class.

“Yes. We need to bring mittens” (oops sorry -tissue paper ones-but all this THINKING! )

All of these conversations take place as quickly as ones with other children or adults do. No pauses to process before an answer.

I am also noticing a comparison this month in understanding concepts. We take a family Disney trip in December each year and use a 30 day count down you color in. Last year he followed it for 2-3 days then colored them all in and announced it was time to go. This year he colored in one each day. (In the lines thanks to hands grasping). One afternoon my older son Corey was home from college and asked him how many more days and Will announced 12 more. Corey looked at me to check and I shrugged -I don’t actually know, I didn’t tell him this morning. He just colored the next one. check what he colored…Sure enough there were 12 days left until Disney and he clearly understood and remembered that hours later. We currently have advent calendars and I am seeing the same thing: he wakes up, announces he can open one door and finds the correct number. (Will is 6.5 with DS. We have been doing QRI a bit over 1.5 years. All of our journey is documented using #will in the search bar.)

H.P. CA:
I was going through a period where I had a humming noise in my head and I just couldn’t think clear. I would lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence and recalling names and words were often difficult. I was getting over stressed with simple things that wouldn’t normally bother me. I was very frustrated with this “brain fog” in my head. I had 4 QRI sessions and that seemed to get me started. On the 5th treatment, my therapist used the QRI THINK program. WOW! What a difference. The buzzing and “brain fog” was gone. I am more alert. I notice more things and can finally think and talk clear without forgetting words. My headaches have lessened tremendously, and I feel more vibrant. I am even re-organizing my house. What a wonderful transformation! I strongly recommend getting integrated and using the THINK program for anyone who is stressed, not thinking clearly or needs to obtain new information. I wish I had this program when I was going through college. Thanks, QRI for the wonderful programs.