The QRI LED program, TALK, is used with the Quantum Reflex Harmonic Laser.  This top selling program takes about 30 minutes to complete and usually gives quick results. TALK improves cognitive function, calms and helps prepare speakers and presenters.  TALK can be included with your QRI session or as a stand alone protocol.

TALK includes:

  • a high power, 30mw LED attachment with a specific color and pattern that attaches to the main unit
  • a crystal magnet set
  • an easy to follow protocol with several reflexes to support the goal

(Jamie Barker) QRI TALK Add-on program is used with the Quantum Reflex
Harmonic Laser. TALK can be included with your QRI session, or as a stand-alone
protocol. This is one of our top selling programs. It takes around 30 minutes to
complete and usually gives quick results. The QRI LED program: TALK also helps
with cognitive functions and is calming. It also helps to prepare those who to
speak or present in front of large groups.
Each program includes a variety of tools. Some include a high power, 30mw LED
attachment with specific colors and patterns that attach directly to the main unit.
Some include crystal magnet sets for the desired outcome and all have an easy to
follow protocol using the main QRI Harmonic Laser unit and your new LED, ending
with several reflexes to support each.

W. H. LMT: “I’ve been working on a seven-year-old boy that was kicked in the face by a horse
at the age of four. This event left him unable to speak and communicate well. He
was very hard to understand when he talked, so he did not talk much. He has
been in speech therapy for two years with little progress. I started integrating his
reflexes with the QRI program in July. Last August, I purchased the QRI TALK
packet from Bonnie. Within one session of QRI and the TALK package, it was
evident to his mother and myself that a huge change had been made. After the
second session, we noticed more major changes and this time the changes were
evident to other people around him. His grandpa, not knowing I was working with
him, asked his mother, “What happened to him? He’s a regular little jabber jaw!”
In just two sessions of QRI with the TALK packet, he had made very noticeable
progress! Now, this little boy always has the biggest smile on his face, where
before he never smiled. The biggest reward is that he has gained back his ability
to communicate with his family and friends.”

L.B SLP: “I have been using the “talk” part with the laser and it really seems to be helping
my most difficult kids! I am so excited. My kids with CP seem to be controlling
their air for speech so much better. Instead of an explosive use of air in one big
burst, they seem to be holding the air for speech breathing much easier without
the tension buildup in their whole body. I am so excited for them!”

Dani Viscomi Verro:
I recently pulled out #talk after not touching in since the advanced courses came
out last fall. Now that we have gotten a lot of thinking ability going, to add talk
back I have seen even more:
This morning he got up, looked out the window (we have a pool) and asked if it
was a swim class day.
Me “No swim class -today is the dentist”
Will (6 last month DS) “No! It’s not the dentist. It’s Bella’s turn. My teeth are all
done. I’m gonna stay home with daddy”
(Keep in mind we are late due to scheduling so haven’t been to the dentist in
about 8 months. We also haven’t discussed this appointment)
Thoughts, ideas and longer sentences. If you have the talk program sitting around
take it back out.

Heather Anne: This week I went full out on our laser sessions and completed the entire RI
protocol day 1, TALK day 2, entire RI protocol day 3, TALK day 4. Major explosion
of speech but even more impressive is what Isla is saying! For example, “Bag!
Where it go?” And when I asked her where something was, she said “my room”
and also used the word “under” appropriately and so much more. We have seen
speech increase since starting QRI last fall as she has been increasing her words
consistently, but this is a big leap in articulation, putting words together and the
type of communication if that makes sense.

Yulene Broussard: Just want to share one of our miracles from QRI TALK program here. Our
therapists at Solaris are always amazed about how kids much improvement with
QRI protocols. Recently we started TALK program. 1 min after we put the magnet
and light on one of our kid, the child starts to TALK. Before we do the TALK, the
child was usually very quiet playing toys in our session. Thank you, Bonnie
Brandes and Jamie for inventing this powerful program.

Susan Marie Keyser: Just have to post some really exciting updates on Zacc:
It’s taken a village, but we are so happy to see where he is at right now.
All of this has happened within the last 2 weeks of just 2 TALK sessions along with
QRI sessions – missing a few days in-between as well.
He uses his lips with puckering/kissing/blowing. Is starting to share again, seeking
playmates to play with and is very gentle, refrains from wetting his pull-up, feeds
himself, doesn’t want to go out the door when we are getting ready to leave until
daddy is ready, points and reaches for things he wants – making very good solid
eye contact making it known what he wants. Has said “mommy” and “bread”.
Looks intensely at your lips to lip read looking for praise then applauding his
accomplishments with clapping and smiling/laughing. There is probably more that
I am missing but that is a summary.