The QRI LED program: TALK is used with the Quantum Reflex Harmonic Laser. TALK can be included with your QRI session, or as a stand alone protocol. This is our top selling program. It takes around 30 minutes to complete and usually gives quick results. The QRI LED program: TALK also helps with cognitive functions and is calming. It also helps to prepare those who to speak or present in front of large groups.

Each program includes a variety of tools.  Some include a high power, 30mw LED attachment with specific colors and patterns that attach directly to the main unit. Some include crystal magnet sets for the desired outcome and all have an easy to follow protocol using the main QRI Harmonic Laser unit and your new LED, ending with several reflexes to support each.

“I’ve been working on a seven-year-old boy that was kicked in the face by a horse at the age of four. This event left him unable to speak and communicate well. He was very hard to understand when he talked, so he did not talk much. He has been in speech therapy for two years with little progress. I started integrating his reflexes with the QRI program in July. Last August, I purchased the QRI TALK packet from Bonnie. Within one session of QRI and the TALK package, it was evident to his mother and myself that a huge change had been made. After the second session, we noticed more major changes and this time the changes were evident to other people around him. His grandpa, not knowing I was working with him, asked his mother, “What happened to him? He’s a regular little jabber jaw!”  In just two sessions of QRI with the TALK packet, he had made very noticeable progress! Now, this little boy always has the biggest smile on his face, where before he never smiled. The biggest reward is that he has gained back his ability to communicate with his family and friends.” W. H. LMT

“I have been using the “talk” part with the laser and it really seems to be helping my most difficult kids! I am so excited. My kids with CP seem to be controlling their air for speech so much better. Instead of an explosive use of air in one big burst, they seem to be holding the air for speech breathing much easier without the tension buildup in their whole body. I am so excited for them!” L.B SLP