The QRI Footbath has LED lights on the bottom where the feet rest. It has an infinite frequency sweep and QRI remedy maker. There is the option to add audio frequencies from cell phone apps or other devices. Nice, heavy duty footbath. Heavy duty ion plates.



We purchased the ionclease before QRI had a footbath. We have used it 100% consistently for well over a year now. (I won’t post gains here since that’s not the focus). It would even be a stretch to assume detox hasn’t played a role in our QRI success. Detox is a huge factor, especially for our kids who don’t tend to detox properly. (Which is a huge reason QRI created a foot bath. Toxins build up and hinder the body from functioning properly. Remove toxins and the body works better, RI works better, everything works better)

I have also attended 2 Comprehensives and not only used the for footbath myself and Will, but I witnessed and helped with many. All turned up a significant but different looking amount of “sludge”.


The pros: I have NO complaints about how well it works or its ease of operation. Fill the dish to the fill line. Add the included measured spoon of salt. Press start.

The cons: It cost $1995. The plates last around 1200 minutes in my house (when 4 people use it 5-6x a week that’s not long) and replacement plates are $70. Shipping is also fairly significant unless you spend over $200. The tub is a bit awkward to pick up and dump (when you are doing it 4x a day it gets old ????)


the pros: the cost is $1800 but here is where the real win is: the plates are much more heavy duty. I don’t know exactly how long they will last but I can tell you I haven’t seen any there remotely worn and an ionclease wouldn’t have made it through the week with the usage. Replacement plates: $35. Another win: the frequencies. Of course those lights and frequencies play a role. I saw what the produced. Definitely a difference maker.

Ease of usage: the design is like a mop bucket with a handle. That means easy filling, carrying and dumping out.

The con: Not really a con-but with the ionclease it comes with a tiny spoon and that’s generally how much salt you need. The QRI has a gauge and you add until it’s in the middle. If I were using it daily I would take the time to figure out the average (a 1/2 tsp? Tsp?) then it would be just as easy.

If you are in the market for a footbath you can’t go wrong with either of these -but at this point with frequencies and the price, longevity of the plates and the bucket design-QRI gets the extra edge.

If your child isn’t responding to QRI or another therapy-often detox gives the push that’s needed.

Tip: Many have also said their child would never sit. Our rule: iPads are only available during footbaths. We set it under a kid size table. They can color, iPad etc


*International shipping to anywhere out of the US is pricey. Please check with us so we get an exact quote and a special link before purchasing.