Laser Kinesiology Workshop
Crystal River, Florida

This Class includes special magnets and discs.

February 1-3,2019.  9-5 pm

QRI Laser Kinesiology:  

Bonnie’s fascinating new program, Laser Kinesiology, utilizes the power of the laser in new ways beyond reflex integration.

Laser Kinesiology begins with balancing the chakras, which are centers of energy found along the mid-line of the body. Then Bonnie will show you how to check the muscles to find any that are not in sync with the rest of the body. With that information, you’ll learn how to address organs and meridians related to the muscles that need attention by balancing them using special magnets, frequency-infused energy disks and, of course, the QRI Harmonic laser.
Explore a whole new world of cold laser therapy! This extensive class comes with Laser Kinesiology magnets and energy disks. The Chakra infrared/LED attachment for the laser where you can choose the color to be displayed, is sold separately.