The QRI Harmonic Cold Laser is specifically designed for the Reflex Integration protocols used in the Home Program. The combination of light, sound, and frequencies give the body to information to heal and repair at a cellular level for pain, carpal, injuries, and all conditions used by other cold lasers.

What makes this laser different?

Simple to use: Charge, connect, and push two buttons—you are ready to begin. The laser has the option to add individual frequencies, but typically, 99% of the time, the CMT gets the job done. The reflex integration program is simple to follow and goes in order.

Infinite frequencies:  The CMT sweep goes beyond reflex integration for better health and healing. The CMT’s infinite frequencies allow one’s body to choose and go in the order best for that person. The CMT also has colored LEDs on top for color therapy and vision therapy with a programmed crystal inside the clear dome.

Sound: Sound therapy has been used since ancient Greece for mental disorders. The addition of sound to the Harmonic Laser has improved our results by over 50% in both physical and mental progress.

Two laser heads: The QRI Essentials package comes with two laser heads which allow one to finish quicker and get faster results. Interestingly enough, the laser sedates and relaxes acupuncture points on the body that may need the energy flow balanced. You can laser an acupuncture point for 20 seconds, instead of 20 minutes.

The Spiro:  The Spiro is an attachment head with eight spinning LEDs that stimulate nervous system connections to repair and function efficiently.  It is used for moving, while the laser is held on acu-points. It is also used to stimulate glands and chakras.

The Harmonic laser works for all the other conditions typically addressed by cold laser or low level laser therapy (LLLT). Thousands of research studies show that cold laser is safe and effective. The QRI Harmonic is used by both professionals in clinics and in the home by parents.

Each laser head has:

  • 2 5mw red laser diodes 650nm
  • 2 5mw violet laser diodes 405nm
  • 1 5mw infrared laser diodes 780nm

We have found that the harmonic frequencies reduce the Moro and Fear Paralysis reflexes by sound alone. These two reflexes may keep the body in a state of stress, thus preventing reflex integration, slowing progress, and delaying normal development. The CMT alone and played continually as a frequency generator to reduce stress and address other conditions. Playing the CMT during the day or while sleeping often brings noticeable improvements in behavior and reduced levels of stress.


The price includes the Quantum Reflex Integration Home Program using easy to learn reflex integration techniques that produce profound results. Reflex integration not only addresses those with neurological damage, but injuries, chronic pain, health, and aging.

Sound wave frequencies played through the Harmonic laser have a significant effect on integrating reflex connections. One third of the spinal cord consists of nerve tract (countless neural pathways) whose sole purpose is to transmit data to the brain stem, Cerebellum, Pons, Medulla, Hippocampus /Limbic System the emotion processing areas. By delivering sound waves through the body, an entirely different system of the body – spinal cord and areas of the brainstem and brain – are brought into play, with the possibility of a much deeper whole – body response. With this delivery system we have direct cellular stimulation. Direct stimulation of living cellular tissue sound waves vibration has shown marked cellular organelle response with a corresponding measurable increase of cellular metabolism and therefore a mobilization of a cellular healing response.

  • It includes a one-year warranty and free shipping in the US.
  • The QRI Harmonic comes with a rechargeable battery lasting up to 6 hours and the ability to use the laser while charging, so you can complete your session.

The human body is over 70% water and sound waves travel 5 times more efficiently through water than air, sound waves introduced directly into the body is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation, especially at the cellular level.

No need for extensive training to learn to measure joules or to pick specific frequencies. QRI is an easy to learn program combined with an easy to use laser—push two buttons, adjust the volume, and the laser is ready to go.

**There are additional fees for shipping out of country. We ship free anywhere in the United States. You can purchase online but will have to make an additional payment for out of country shipping.


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