While relaxing in the transcranial helmet, the frequencies resonate throughout and the magnet with crystals (and frequencies) help support neurological development.

The frequency sweeps add variety to avoid habituation and toxicity from repeatedly using the same frequency.


Q: What type of lights are in the helmet?

A: The helmet uses all LED’s. The red is 650nm, the purple/violet is 405nm and infrared is 780nm.

Q: Can the helmet be harmful to eyes?

A: No, the helmet is made up of LED’s, which are safe for the eyes.

Q: If my child/client has a magnetic valve or shunt, can I use the helmet?

A: Yes, you can remove the magnet pouch in the top of the helmet and it use without.


The helmet can be enjoyed during a QRI laser session with a QRI PEMF mat or on its own.

Liliam Llanos I loved it. It took my migraine away in 15 minutes. I would get it in a heartbeat. I’ve struggled with migraines for decades and nothing has ever worked that fast.

Musheera Anis Used the QRI helmet for the first time on a young girl who has severe sensory issues. We’ve been using LLLT & VLP with the mat for a few months. Following 20 minutes of the helmet, she sat down and started chatting about school and about her friends. This is a very SILENT person and rarely talks about her emotions. She articulated how having emotions and crying when classmates say mean things is an interesting feeling that she did not experience before. This is huge for her and her family!!

Tricia Gault Ambeau Today my little girl had a short conversation with me and held eye contact the entire time. Happy Mother’s Day for me. Best Mother’s Day present ever. Total game changer that we have seen with the addition of the helmet.

Jenine Intres Stafford One session with the helmet…and we had 2 actual attempts at WORDS. Not just sounds. Teachers literally couldn’t wait to tell me.

Marie Bacsik The 3rd or 4th night with the helmet and she is sleeping longer and longer as we increase time. We are up to 8 min while she is asleep. Not sure if it’s related, but I do think it is… Yesterday she picked up a ball and put it between her legs and walked around the house while keeping it balanced between her legs! I’ve never shown her this, I’ve only seen that in the older kids APT or PT classes. That is a very advanced move for my 3 yr old with DS! We were blown away! She was also being a little emotional yesterday, tearing up a few times for no reason… Thinking her brain might be reorganizing a bit? We went to the park and she had the best time yet. She was trying all of the climbing equipment and slides instead of just stimming on the wheel. She was all over that park which never happens! Aaaand… We stopped by our local Buddy Walk and she got over her anxiety in about 1 minute and actually played on the bounce houses with the other kids for about 30 minutes. Typically, her anxiety is too severe to go to these large events. This was fantastic!!

Update: November 1, 2018 Our first week with the helmet and Emma sat on the potty by herself and peed on her own for the 1st time ever….

Melissa Zulli We love the Helmet for the added neurological healing .. it isn’t just integrating primitive reflexes, but helping the brain specifically integrate and healing the brain by assisting in developing new brain neural pathways through increased stem cell activity. .. We have seen many benefits with the helmets again not only with my own child but with other children we are working with. On a more personal level I have personally seen benefits using the helmet for PTSD and as has my husband for PTSD and 2 acquired brain injuries. If it has this effect on a neurotypical brain, I can only imagine the positive effects it is having on a child with a diagnosis…

Bonnie Brandes July 3, 2016 · My mother has had 2 strokes which left her depressed, (she felt like her life was over), disoriented, (she was in my bedroom looking for her suitcase), slow speech, etc. After the first stroke I gave her intensive sessions for 10 days, often 6 hours a day. After the second stroke, I brought her here to Florida and Jamie and I gave her an intensive program here for 5 weeks, about 3-4 hours a day of QRI protocols while using our helmet. This video was taken when she arrived. You can see, speech is slow, along with memory. Her second video is below in the comments. You can hear and see the difference….I feel so blessed to help others, but getting my mother back was definitely one of the very best blessings!

Bonnie Brandes I put the helmet over my knees for pain, has worked for others migraines, persuade my husband to use it for hair growth and for cognition.

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