The QRI Computer Harmonizer is a natural, inexpensive way to  reduce the effects of EMFs by generating infinite frequencies. The units array of coherent frequencies allows the body access to beneficial frequencies that rebuild, rather than destroy one’s health. The Harmonizer strengthens, balances, and attunes one’s internal energy and external environmental field. Simultaneously, the frequencies override the disruptive effects of man-made toxic radiation coming from computers, cellphones, WIFI, florescent lights, electric appliances, power lines, and smart meters.

Often the pineal gland is affected by EMFs, which makes an individual more susceptible to environmental sensitivity. There may be an effect on sleeping habits, emotional health, and cognitive ability. Likewise, individuals highly effected experience chemical sensitivities or environmental illnesses such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. Increased stress levels are also associated with EMFs, causing headache, muscle pain, chest pain, anxiety, restlessness, stomach upset, change in sex drive, lack of focus and motivation, and depression. Especially high EMFs can even be linked to brain tumors and chronic diseases including cancer.

Numerous individuals report a noticeable reduction of stress, muscle tension, and improved quality of sleep. Whether placed by your computer, in your bedroom, or in a therapy room, the Harmonizer is a must for every home and healing center.

How it works: Like the fine tuning of an instrument, a specialized program combines a series of natural frequencies that cancel out dangerous EMFs. A musical scale oscillates through frequencies called a “sweep chip” and converts 1-2,000 Hz waves and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies, PEMF, into infinite beneficial frequencies that flow through 8 colored LEDs.


Slide it into your computer or plug it into the wall using a cell phone charger and feel the difference. The QRI Computer Harmonizer will cover 700 square feet if unobstructed.