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CALM Magnet LED Program

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The hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal (HPA) axis is the response system for stress. Dr Elizabeth Harris, QRI sponsor from New Zealand, teaches the importance of calming down the HPA axis–not only for learning but our overall health. We know that when Moro is active, excess cortisol is often produced causing the immune system to weaken. New information indicates that the brain actually decides to reduce cortisol production, to protect the body even though we still need some cortisol. She states when it drops there is a reduction of mediators for the sympathetic nervous system causing inflammation and disease. The amygdala overrides the prefrontal cortex when involved with the fight or flight system and can affect the integration of the Moro and FPR reflexes. The prefrontal cortex is the center for critical and rational thought while the amygdala commands our emotional reactions. According to Goleman (2006), The hippocampus, near the amygdala in the mid-brain, is our central organ for learning. This structure enables us to convert the content of ‘working memory’— new information held briefly in the prefrontal cortex—into long-term form for storage. This neural act is the heart of learning. Once our mind connects this information with what we already know, we will be able to bring the new understanding to mind weeks or years later. This axis, causing inflammation when unbalanced, can be a problem in almost all chronically ill people. The program also balances the Vagus Nerve to allow more cortisol production by opening it up for a normal response by calming the dorsal vagus nerve to allow the ventral vagus to become active again.

When to use CALM

After you have used the program at least 3 months and have used Unity for a few weeks if the person fits the following criteria. When you begin CALM depends on the person’s sensitivity. If the person detoxes easily, is sensitive to energy, has DS, or is considered medically fragile then Unity should come first. The vagus nerve protocol is included in the CALM package and in the Cranial Nerve class. The CALM package adds the magnets and LEDs to make it more effective. It pairs it with the amygdala from the Brain Balance class.

Note: This program is not stand alone. It only works with the QRI Harmonic Laser.


Dani Viscomi Verro: I actually bought CALM for Will (5 DS after the intensive when Bonnie recommended it) I have posted so much about Will’s progress but I have done/do SO much with him I can’t speak to what calm has done specifically. However, my 7-year-old who has anxiety and ADHD I have a minimal but consistent schedule with (1 complete RI session a week. 2 if it’s a long weekend. Only 59 total in the last year). 2 weeks ago, I added Calm (then unity thanks to a tip by Andi) at the start of her RI sessions. Last weekend I did 2 sessions on her (calm/ unity/RI) She has been AMAZING all week. Calm, focused, patient…she even got head lice this week. I have dreaded this possible moment her whole life. But-she SAT STILL! For hours while we got eggs out. She didn’t get upset or anxious at the process or prospect. She calmly dealt with it. She has spent hours focusing on rainbow looms without tears or frustration if her pattern doesn’t work out. It’s like a whole new child. I have been in awe wondering why she has been so easy lately…and so CALM “. I may have a new favorite add on!!

UPDATE: (3 months later, still only about 1x a week: BEST summer ever. Calm, focused, didn’t frustrate as easily, handled crowds and waiting at activities…overall a happier and more relaxed kid.

UPDATE 11/18. We are now about 6-7 months into this routine. 1x a week complete protocol, zones and CALM. Sometimes I add a BB but usually she is done by then. Had her parent conference last week. She is at a Montessori, so they work at their own pace and chose their work. Her teacher stated how focused and driven she was and that they actually tell her to stop working sometimes because she has gone SO far ahead. They also commented she volunteers now (that is huge. Despite 90% of her anxiety having disappeared over the last few years there was still enough left to hold that stuff back. GONE. I haven’t seen her anxious about anything in months now. ) She has been into freehand drawing lately. Spending endless time on one picture to add details etc. (which is good for everyone because she used to draw one item and move on to the next paper$) My mom was here for Thanksgiving yesterday and was watching her calmly sit and draw. Mom mom commented “she has gotten good at details” and I said no-she has gotten good at being able to sit still and focus (so she can add details). You wouldn’t find a sign of adhd at this point.

Violetta Selanteva: So far, I really like the Calm protocol. I tried it twice before bed and my 5-year old – who was super alert and active before bed – fell asleep within 5 minutes, when it normally takes at least 40 – 50 minutes or more. Nothing ever worked Calm before! Last night I told him I’ll read his favorite book after the laser, and while doing Calm we were talking and as if the switch was flipped – he fell asleep. Didn’t even get to reading the book part. I was amazed how fast his body relaxed and shifted into parasympathetic mode.


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