CALM Magnet LED Program

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CALM Magnet LED Program

The hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal (HPA) axis is the response system for stress. Dr Elizabeth Harris,  from New Zealand, stresses the importance of calming down this axis–not only for learning but our overall health. When Moro is active, excess cortisol is produced. New information indicates that the brain decides to reduce cortisol production, to protect the body even though we need some cortisol. She states when it drops there is a reduction of mediators for the sympathetic nervous system causing inflammation.

QRI Harmonic laser required. Includes LED, magnet and program.


*Every child is different. It can be used at the beginning of the reflex program or added in at any point you feel is needed.

Kevin (age 13): autism spectrum, intention is to settle, have less “fight or flight” reactions when stressed.
-After one session of CALM, Kevin slowly opened his eyes and whispered “thank you,” then sat up slowly and started to slowly put his shoes on before going to the bathroom to wash his hands. Instead of starting to run back to the waiting room after session, he asked, “Is it time to go?” and waited until I told him it was okay to walk back. He walked next to me the whole way to the waiting room instead of running ahead of me. After doing the CALM protocol about 3 weeks now, I’ve noticed that his eyes are not as dilated during lasers (less “fight or flight”), and he is able to try exercises and activities in session without immediately saying “I can’t” as often.

Andrew (age 10): intention: settle after being upset
-Tried CALM with him one day when he came in fighting with his younger sister. Usually when AJ does lasers, his arms and legs are very fidgety and he wants to talk the whole time. When I did the CALM protocol with him, he was completely still and quiet the whole time. After we finished lasers, I asked him how he felt and he said “relaxed.” He has never expressed to me that he has ever felt relaxed in session before. The rest of the session Andrew was very calm and attentive, rather than constantly talking and not being able to sit in his seat.

-Another little boy who has regulation, sensory issues closed his eyes and settled immediately with CALM. Whereas he normally fights QRI sessions and cannot settle.

-Ana, autism spectrum, body control issues did NOT want CALM because the first time we ever did CALM, she settled immiediately. She didn’t like the feeling of CALM and has fought it ever since because she knew how her body responded and how uncomfortable it felt.

So Bonnie, thank you!!!! It has helped our students to settle faster and therefore they are better prepared for learning during the remainder of their session at the center. Our own clinicians talk about a ‘heaviness’ that settles over them that then ‘feels’ like calm over their system.


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