Order all 3 classes together and save!

  • Cranial Nerves (CN)
  • QRI Brain Balance Course (BB)
  • Reflex Zones (RZ)

The Advanced classes are now available for purchase online. In February, we recorded the live classes held here. You will get the online version and a manual mailed to you. They consist of: Cranial Nerves, Brain Balance, and the Primitive Reflex Zones. If you buy all 3 at one time, you will get a significant discount, but it has to be in one purchase, not spread out.

You do not need to wait to include any of these protocols. They are similar to the basal ganglia many of you have already used, which is included in the brain balance if you don’t have it already. For stroke and brain damage on an adult, I go through them the first or second session. With children I would wait a few sessions and go through the program at least twice. They do not have to be done in order, but the brain protocols work a bit better when you do.

Reflex Zones strengthen reflex integration. They can be used for a Zone Balance or separately to support individual reflexes. The Moro Zones are really effective.

Check out the individual pages for more details.