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PODCAST – With Bonnie Brandes

In this episode of “Pushing the Limits”, Bonnie Brandes, the founder and inventor the QRI Laser discusses Reflex Integration. Bonnie is former teacher of children with learning disabilities, autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, ADHD, cerebral palsy who discovered the benefit of reintegrating primitive reflexes and the help and relief this bought the children and their families. Bonnie then went on a journey to do it quicker and better, and rather than just using touch and acupuncture she invented a device to combine low level cold lasers with sound therapy and acupuncture called the QRI Laser.


In this episode you will learn:

  • What are primitive reflexes and how they are the building blocks for our neurological development in early childhood and how sometimes these reflexes don’t get integrated when they should and the implications of this.
  • We learn that primitive reflexes are automatic, involuntary reactions to stimuli such as sound, touch or movement that are essential for survival and development in the womb and in the first few month so of life.
  • How reflexes support the development of higher brain centers that control muscle tone, movement, sensory integration, cognition and learning skills.
  • They also promote psychological development and behavior.
  • How as we get older, unintegrated reflexes may trigger the “fight or flight” response and how this can lead to a stress behavior pattern of response.
  • How incomplete integrated can contribute to ADHD, autism, learning delays, reading and writing difficulties, language and speech delays, coordination difficulties, hypotonic and hypertonic muscles, poor endurance and fatigue.
  • We learn how this can also affect stroke, aneurysm, concussion victims as well as children.

Reflex integration opens the door to new possibilities and provides hope for both children and adults to reach their potential.