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Parkinsons Disease

“Glowing seems to be working. Yesterday I forgot to take my morning pills just ran downstairs and started working. I didn’t remember to take them until 4 pm eight hours late.  I wasn’t shaking, didn’t have a physical reaction despite the fact that I had been without any meds for over 18 hours.  I also seem to be losing weight.  I am not trying to diet just do the glow protocol 3x a week and I try to do the PD protocol 2x a day, but often fall asleep during my evening session.”
“I have more unscientific information to report to you.  For years I have had difficulty riding as a passenger in the front of a car – I am a terrible backseat driver, I startle easily and my PD trembles really take off. My anxiety reaches maximum levels.  I have stopped driving in London and avoid going anywhere with Chris at the wheel.  He can only drive me if I take a book and read constantly without looking at the road.
Yesterday, I spent 4 hours in the car with Chris driving.  I didn’t need to read, I was able to watch the traffic and discuss politics with my son.  Furthermore, I spent two hours walking – first around the land we’ve just bought and then shopping at Costco.  I was able to push the trolley the whole time and it was full!  
The result I am sore today  – haven’t had a chance to do pain work with Lizzie but I feel energetic despite only getting 4 hours of sleep.  The laser seems to limit my need for sleep! I am not symptom-free but the quality of my life is definitely improving and the only thing I can attribute the change to is QRI!   CF
London, UK


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