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Judie’s Success Story

Last week a 9 year old girl presented without being able to crawl on her belly. She attempted to crawl on her belly, but came toward me using her fists and dragging her straightened legs. She used no feet in the process, just propelled herself forward using her fists and wiggling her lower extremities back and forth like a mermaid. I then used the Bauer Crawling QRI reflex points with the laser. Then, I pressed on her opposing shoulders and hips and asked her to crawl again. She Bauer Crawled on her belly with automaticity. There was no apparent thinking involved.
Later last week, another 9 year old girl had the same difficulties crawling on her belly. She had more difficulty than the first. She also used her fists, but her legs were bent up at the knees. Again, I did the QRI points and she also did a perfect Bauer Crawling cross pattern with automaticity.; I love my laser!!!!
Nightly bedwetting has been an issue for this young man for years. This gifted student was still in pullups at night at 9 years of age. I used the QRI points for the Spinal Galant Reflex, and he has had only several accidents in the last 3 months. I have also worked on his Moro/Fear Paralysis Reflex. He was very fearful and not self-assured. This week, when I visited him, his grandmother was there, while his parents were out of town. She said, “Since he’s seen you, he is new boy. I don’t know what you are doing, but he used to be so wild, emotional and hard to control. Now, he is a joy, thank you!”
Posted By: Judie…Orlando, FL

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