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October 31, 2016

I want to share my story about how and why I decided to invest in QRI and a laser. I have had several people ask me this question so I thought I would share here…

I work full time outside of the home. I am a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist). I work in surgery (and other areas) putting people to sleep. I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a masters degree in nurse anesthesia. That DOES NOT make me an expert on anything that has to do with reflexes or cold laser but it is how I gained my first insight into light therapy.

I used to work in a small community hospital and I was working with a surgeon who had a particular patient with a massive wound. He kept bringing the patient back to the OR multiple times over a few weeks to wash out the wound and work on closure. After a few trips to the OR, we noticed a significant improvement in the wound in-between wash outs. We all made comments about the improvements. The surgeon told us they had started “light therapy” on the wound. Everyone was intrigued and started asking questions. He explained the light promoted healing by “regenerating cells” and “promoting new cell development”. As a parent of a child with T21, these words brought me to my feet and I appeared over my “drape”. Of course I had to ask…. “Are there studies???” He said, “Oh yes there is or insurance wouldn’t approve it”. (eye roll) Anyway, now I’m a super busy lady and quite honestly, I let it go at that, but the seed of information was planted.

So, back in the summer I’m wasting time on FB (as usual) and I see Andi Durkin post about the QRI cold laser. I always love to see what Andi is up to, so I watched her video. I joined this page. I read the studies. I read Bonnie Brandes‘ book. I bought a laser. Yes. I bought a laser.

It is overwhelming. It is time consuming. I work full time. I don’t have time to run my daughter to 5 appointments in a week but I do have time to work in a 20 minute laser session on most days.

Since starting the laser in July I have noticed these improvements in my 3 year old with T21. Vast improvements in her gross motor skills. Climbing, running, hopping… She has made tremendous gains in her speech and communication. She is very close to being completely potty trained. Stays dry all day and at nap time. Still has a wet diaper in the mornings. I feel like she is doing so well overall. I know there are other things that I just can’t put a label on. I am not going say for sure it is the cold laser but I do know the laser is the only thing that has been added. She does go to PT and ST every other week and the therapists are amazed at how well she is doing. I will also add the laser isn’t the only extra thing we do, but as I mentioned before, it is the only thing we have added in the last year and I’ve seen tremendous gains.

This is our story… It’s just a story. You can take or leave it. I am always happy to answer questions but I am far from an expert or even a “warrior mom”. Most days I’m not even sure what I am except for exhausted.

I am so looking forward to the class in January!!!!

Blessings everyone… Set your intentions and shine on!!!

Just to be perfectly transparent here, I want to say that I am NOT employed by Quantum Reflex Integration nor have I been given any gains to tell my story. I purchased my laser and the class with my own private funds. I just wanted to share my experience because I see so many posts from people who want to know more about the laser before taking the plunge.

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