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Isla’s Impressive Progress after 3 Days!

I just want to share our experience with the laser on my soon to be 4 year old little girl. It’s pretty impressive as we are very new to it. I have been running the CMT every chance I get and all night and in 3 days have completed all reflexes and T21 protocol 2x. Here’s what we have noticed:
1. Way, way more expressed emotions! Giggling, making funny noises. Happy, happy, happy (and people are noticing “wow Isla you are in such a good mood”). On the other end some very frustrated emotions. For example I put her snack in the wrong bowl and full on tears, on the floor meltdown. She has never done this and both my other kids did so I am fully embracing this “typical stage”. Also insisting on wearing certain clothes, bringing toys in the car etc.
2. Speech! More words and putting together some little phrases.
3. More thumb sucking. Sigh  
4. More energy, Isla doesn’t love going for walks, brachiation etc but shes running around the house and asking to brachiate.
5. We went through an automatic car wash and NO TEARS!
6. Telling us she has to pee. Yay!
7. Just overall a more present, spunky, loving little girl.
This picture is Isla pretending to eat the fries (her favourite) on the store front window of a fast food place. Little funny things like that coming out of her all day. ☺️
**Bonus I wasn’t expecting….I have been listening to the cmt pretty much all day too and I feel so much more grounded. Less overwhelmed (for the first time in 4 years) and relaxed.
I am so grateful to Bonnie Brandes and all of you who brought this to the attention of us moms. xxx
More to come………….


Update: I am beyond thrilled! My girl just WALKED through a 1 hour Costco shopping trip. No wandering, no sitting and refusing to get up. She was enjoying helping me grab things, so happy and never left my side. This has never happened before. For those of you with kids with T21 you get how amazing this is 🙌🏻
In the last week I have also noticed her art work is becoming less scribble messy and more deliberate like she is actually visualizing something. **Picture is of her painting from 2 weeks ago and one from yesterday.
Also she is now able to open round doorknobs. She lets our puppy outside
And more speech!!!
All this change is over 1 week.
As others have mentioned it is like you want to pinch yourself. I am so grateful to have this type of therapy. Xxx

Update: Oooooh this is a big one for us! Our chiropractor asked Isla what she was for Halloween and she responded

“Halloween Isla Doc” (Mcstuffins a Disney character). This is huge because 1) she never answers questions and 2) she does NOT put 3 words together. We celebrate the very rare time Isla puts 2 words together.
I have added in Basal Ganglia almost daily and completed QRI Talk yesterday. There is so much so speech today and I can make out little phrases!!!


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