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The Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI®) home program protocols are effective and take less time than traditional methods for reflex integration. Parents find the instructions easy to follow while children enjoy the program and often request laser time. Therapists and parents in over 105 countries are seeing significant results using the QRI® program for children with disabilities and adults with any neurological condition.

QRI® combines the powerful effects of cold laser, sound, and reflex integration techniques. Reflex Integration revives the nervous system for quick, visible results when adding light and frequencies to rebuild and rejuvenate the nervous system at a cellular level. These cutting-edge techniques re-pattern both primitive and lifelong reflexes for the development of efficient neurological processing.

The QRI Harmonic cold laser is unique in that it has scalar wave technology, an infinite Rife frequency sweep, sound therapy, PEMF, two lasers, spinning LEDs, clear quartz crystal, and can be used for numerous conditions.

Reflex integration patterns may not integrate during the normal developmental stage. Unintegrated reflexes can interfere with many aspects of learning, physical movement, development, and behavior. Integrating a reflex connects nerve nets or repairs them to allow rapid and efficient transmission of impulses along nerve cells.

Individuals with conditions such as autism, ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, T-21/Down syndrome, dementia, learning disabilities, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, and pain are finding a reduction of symptoms with QRI®. Practitioners find that use of the protocols for reflexes often relieves pain and heals injuries faster. Although QRI® works for individuals with specific disabilities, they also allow individuals to reach their potential by strengthening neurological connections. Don’t wait to order your QRI Essentials package and help your child and others around you reach their potential.

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  • Moro Magnets

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The Symphony of Reflexes

“In The Symphony of Reflexes: Interventions for Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and Human Development, Bonnie L. Brandes, MEd, provides a thorough discussion of these primitive reflexes and then presents specific movements in her program, “QRI Brain Boost,” designed to help children with learning disabilities and neurological conditions. As the founder of Quantum Reflex Integration, QRI®, the author uses acu-reflex points and cold laser to integrate primitive reflexes. Her programs are used in over thirty countries.

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