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How do I get started using QRI?  If you are new to primitive reflexes, a good way to start is by ordering “The Symphony of Reflexes” on Amazon. Your next step is to order the QRI Home Program which includes an online class. Feel free to call QRI with your questions. 352-228-0410

Is this something a parent can learn and do at home? Yes, most of our clients are parents using the program in their homes. The program is easy to learn and most children love it. Many Parents see other children to supplement the cost of the program and laser.

What do I need to purchase? You order the QRI Harmonic laser, which comes with two laser heads, a free QRI Home Program, an online class, and carry case. There are other programs for speech, cognition, ASD/speech/behavior, sensory integration/movement, Unity (for DS and neuro-fragile children, grounding) that can be added now or later.

Who do I contact for laser operation and warranty questions? Please contact Michael Esch directly (not QRI) at michael.esch@vitalcreationsinc.com.

How long is the online class? It is broken into short segments that enables one to watch at their convenience.

Will the online class be enough for me to follow the program? Yes, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. If you plan on seeing clients, you will probably want to attend one of the live Quantum Reflex Integration classes to learn shortcuts, new info, and how to assess primitive reflexes.

What behaviors might I see during a Moro reorganization or detoxification as we begin QRI sessions? The Moro reorganization  is a stage often known as the “terrible twos” that is often missed in children with neurological challenges. Brain reorganization and laser detoxification may not be noticeable for many children, but for others you may see appetite changes, sleep disturbances, mild emotional disturbances which may last between 2 hours to 1 week, rarely longer.

*Children with Down syndrome tend to have a more noticeable reaction, but also tend to make rapid progress afterwards.

*Do your best to be patient and don’t panic, it is an important stage for further development the child has missed.

What is the CMT? http://localhost/wp/crystal-matrix-transmitter-cmt/

I can’t do most of the protocols when my son is awake but so I do it whilst he’s asleep, however he gets awaken by the sound from the CMT. Can I please turn it off? Will it make a difference in terms of the result if it’s turned down? You have to run the CMT anytime the laser lights are turned on for 2 reasons.  First, it cools your laser diodes to keep them from overheating, which shortens the life of the lights.  Second, the CMT is what makes the Harmonic laser therapeutic, the frequencies are very important for health and reflex integration. So just turn it way down and it will still work.

Will the Harmonic laser integrate primitive reflexes without doing any of the movement exercises? Yes, it will! Movement of some type for everyone is important for our health and for reflex integration. The “Brain Boost” techniques are especially important for those seeing a therapist for QRI once or twice a week to support and stabilize reflex integration. Often Brain Boost techniques will be sufficient for those not using the Harmonic cold laser with mild learning disabilities to integrate their primitive reflexes.

Is it ok to just do 2 or 3 of the hand grasping positions? Yes, I recommend doing 2 a session.

Are the “acu-reflex points” that are mentioned specific acupuncture points of the body? or something else? Some are acupuncture points, many are not and used specifically for reflex Integration within the program.

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