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Erica Sees Progress in Her 2 1/2 Year Old with Cerebral Palsy.

I have been using the laser off and on for about 10 months altogether and at least every other day for the past two months for both myself and my 2-1/2 year old son who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Specifically for my son, I’ve been using Quantum Reflex Integration laser protocols from Bonnie Brandes as well as having biweekly neurodevelopmental laser sessions with Teena Woeber. We also do several other non-invasive therapies, the main ones being Feldenkrais, Victoria Merkle energy medicine, and Hippotherapy. I know that all of these therapies work harmoniously to help my son whose fine and gross motor coordination steadily continues to become more functional and refined. Yet what I witnessed when I was working with the laser a few weeks ago was quite astounding and I want to share that with you.
While running his normal laser protocol routine, I suddenly realized that my son’s right arm was COMPLETELY RELAXED and functioning from his shoulder just as easily as his left arm. His right arm and hand have always maintained a sort of contracted state at the elbow and wrist and you could see the restriction in his neck and shoulder as well. I was in such shock I asked my husband when he came in if he noticed anything, and without me saying a word he made the same observation! The relaxation of my son’s neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist (and everything in between) and the state of “typical” tonicity lasted for a good half hour.
This enormous gift of seeing our belief materialize that our son can fully reclaim function of the areas where he experiences restriction and hypertonicity (which many would call outrageous based on the allopathic doctors’ diagnosis) has truly given my husband and me inspiration and validation. We will obviously be continuing wholeheartedly with the laser therapy!
For any parents who are considering this modality, I highly recommend you attend one of Bonnie’s QRI classes. I took her course level 1 in San Diego this past May, and it greatly helped me to understand not only how to use the protocols with my son, but also to have a better understanding of the reflexes in general. And what I love most of all about this work is that it is truly non-invasive and pleasurable. It is very empowering for me to have the modality at my hands to be able to help our son, in our home, on his timing. And clearly, as I am learning more and more, it is very effective. I enjoy using the laser with myself as well and I feel good knowing my continued health and balance benefits my family too. Best wishes to you.
Posted By: Erica R
San Diego, CA

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