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The Crystal Matrix Transmitter, CMT


The CMT is a frequency sweep generator, a machine that produces sound waves and harmonically sweeps through multiple frequencies. Frequency generators search for and kill pathogens quickly without medicines and can boost immunity. Other frequencies repair, strengthen, and benefit each area of your body. Vitamins, homeopathy, food…everything around us has a frequency. The CMT provides beneficial frequencies that even can show up as improved behaviors after listening to it. I have experimented during QRI courses and just playing the CMT begins the integration of the Moro reflex. This is huge, as with some methods you may need to focus on the Moro reflex for months. It can be run independently (without the laser) in the room for sound therapy and to generate frequencies to override EMFs, health, and other benefits. Other Rife frequencies can be added at this time also, but may slightly reduce the CMTs effectiveness.

In the QRI Harmonic cold laser, we use both light and sound. Rife frequencies with sound kill germs and rebuild areas of the body. Frequencies can be produced in different ways, the CMT has both sound and light and produces infinite frequencies, but the bottom line is that it becomes sound inside the body. About every germ or pathogen has its own resonant frequency that causes it to vibrate and then to shake until its structure is disrupted, somewhat like an opera singer’s ability to shatter glass at high notes. Typically bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, have exceptionally flimsy cell walls and when the right “frequency” is set and reaches them, they begin to dissolve and come apart. There is no danger to beneficial cell membranes and cell organelles, because they do not have structures that can be permanently disrupted by Rife technology and in many cases can benefit from from frequencies. The CMT produces infinite frequencies that allows the body to choose which ones it needs in what order. This makes it easy and takes the guessing out.

It isn’t a cure-all, but as Robert Elling stated in another post, “Frequencies rock.” Research and read more about Royal Rife and his work. I have been working with frequences for many years and want to emphasize that we use the CMT almost exclusively when going through the program. Paul Esch told me that Royal Rife  found that frequency sweeps, such as the CMT,  are more effective than individual frequencies. You can google the CAFL  for frequencies for numerous conditions and once in awhile we do that too. Fun stuff!

Decades ago, Royal Raymond Rife began to search for what causes cancer. He discovered that living organisms (which have their own frequency) have a serious effect on cancer. He had significant success in restoring the health of his patients with a frequency generator. He lists frequencies for most diseases, viruses, conditions, etc after 20 years of lab work.

Frequency Lists are available on the internet which allow you to discover the very individual frequency of organisms. Every pathogen has what is called a ‘mortal oscillatory rate,’ a frequency that destroys it.

When using the CMT: You do have to have the CMT on when adding a frequency–never run a frequency without the CMT. When you add a frequency it reduces the CMTs effectiveness a bit, but once in awhile adding the frequency is best. Other times, run the CMT and allow the body to choose.

It works on anyone in the room! That is why it is so beneficial to have playing all the time. The sound, LEDs, and vibrations are the frequencies–and it goes through the laser to increase its effectiveness. Royal Rife actually felt that sweeps are often better than individual frequencies. We add different frequencies for some of the protocols and once in awhile for specific conditions, if the CMT hasn’t helped.

I would add frequencies for Lyme’s disease, cancer, and other serious conditions (maybe 528 or 333 once in awhile). For those conditions there is no set time to run each frequency, so just do your best and remember that running them longer allows time for the frequency to burst the cell wall. As mentioned, the bad guys have thinner cell walls, so the right frequencies can destroy them.

The CMT lights do have the CMT frequencies (as does the laser), the sound comes out of the speaker. The original CMT was a small black box that had the LED lights on top. Some children liked to watch the lights, especially those with autism. You can use them for visual tracking. The very first child I saw and used the CMT had a dramatic change…. from having one with an outward eye deviation to becoming aligned, so I included the LEDs on the top of the laser. He stood/ran in place and watched the CMT for 4-5 minutes, after 20 minutes of a session on the table, while I continued to use the laser for reflexes. He ran to the other end of the room and when he came back, he looked more present and interacted with us, he hadn’t before the session. But what was surprising was that his eye placement looked normal.

I am sure there is some type of color therapy from the LEDs also, maybe even chakra balancing. The crystal inside the CMT is unique and has an interesting story. Around four years ago, I met a gentleman in his eighties that had worked with frequencies and some lasers for many years. He said adding a crystal to a cold laser would multiply the power and the results. The original CMT had a crystal point on the top of it. So when I designed the laser with Paul Esch, I asked him to add a crystal over the LEDs on the top. We take each crystal and infuse various frequencies and then ship them to the manufacturer, Vital Creations. It takes about a week to complete the process. Although we add many frequencies, one of my favorites is 528 Hz, as mentioned above before for love, DNA, the crown chakra, often called the miracle frequency. As one of the Solfeggio tones, it creates music to calm an overactive mind.

In the past we have found the CMT takes care of about everything we have needed. I have not added additional frequencies during a QRI session unless the protocol calls for it. You name it, we have used the CMT for it. It has taken care of pain, tinnitus, my knees, etc, etc. Conditions can mutate making the frequency needed for it not the exact one listed…in that case the CMT’s infinite frequencies can get to the oscillatory frequency in  the order best suited for that person. 


1. I can’t do most of the protocols when my son is awake but so I do it whilst he’s asleep, however he gets awaken by the sound from the CMT. Can I please turn it off? Will it make a difference in terms of the result if it’s turned down? You have to run the CMT anytime the lights are turned on for two reasons.  It cools your laser diodes to keep them from overheating, which shortens the life of the lights.  The CMT is what makes the Harmonic laser therapeutic, without frequencies, lasers are just lights. So just turn it way down and it will still work.

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