Persistent Reflexes

The Next Step Reflex Integration protocols for “persistent reflexes” are for both parents and practitioners to add to their sessions. Benefits include significantly increased progress and reduced plateaus associated with these persistent and pathological reflexes.

These protocols are for home programs to add the regular reflex integration protocols for those reflexes that need extra attention. They do not replace any of the Level I protocols. We always do the regular reflex protocol first.
The Level II protocols have been developed for the QRI Brain Boost Comprehensives and for home programs. New protocols are taught for each primitive reflex with options for using essential oils, colors for LEDs, and other variations.

It is recommended you watch the QRI Reflex Integration online class first that comes free with your QRI program. (It will not be taught in person at this time). You will need the basic protocols from the Level 1 online class to complete the new techniques.

Persistent Reflexes Course