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Annie’s Abilities Increase!

Annie, age 6-1/2 years, received three Quantum Reflex Integration sessions during a three month period.  The sessions included using the  QRI laser acu-points, and QRI laser reflex integration techniques for active primary reflexes.Annie’s mother stimulates QRI acu-points manually as a home program times 3 – 4 times a week for approximately  30-40 minutes each session.  Mother does not have access to a laser between therapist sessions.  

After the first session, Mom reported that Annie’s ability to jump on a mini trampoline improved from 0 inches to 3 inches, with some assistance for balance.  Also after the first session, Annie’s balance and endurance in walking without braces improved.  

After three sessions, Mother reports that Annie has more confidence and better balance, and has met her first goal of jumping off the ground independently.  She has continued to improve in mobility and strength as demonstrated by her ability to walk around the yard without braces and move a chair from one area to another.  She now is able to pump her legs while swinging on a swing set, walk up steps of 4″ without assistance or holding on to a rail, and has increased the length of her stride.

Previous therapies include Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy; current therapies include QRI, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.


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